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Author Topic:  Speaker in blues jr
Lee Bartram

Sparta, Kentucky, USA
Post  Posted 9 Feb 2019 5:45 pm    
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Could you put a travis toy tt-12 in a fender blues jr.does it matter that the speaker is rated at 300 watts and the amp at 15 watts ouput.i understand about the impedence having to match ohms but wasn't sure about the wattage. I have a tt-12 in a cabinet and thought I would hook it up and see what it sounded like
If it won't hurt the amp.
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Dave Mudgett

Central Pennsylvania
Post  Posted 9 Feb 2019 8:06 pm    
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Having a higher rated speaker won't hurt the amp or speaker. Definitely, make sure the speaker impedance matches what the amp wants to see.

But I would look at the speaker efficiency, and see if the manufacturer has any "suggested" minimum power ratings. I and others I've known have put speakers in amps that just wouldn't drive them properly. Some speakers need to be pushed to a certain level to really hit their sweet spot.

I would also check the speaker size specs and measure distances in the cabinet to make sure the speaker will fit in the Blues Jr. I know some guys who bought speakers that just wouldn't fit in the amp they got it for. You need to give enough space for the tubes and transformers.
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Tony Prior

Charlotte NC..
Post  Posted 10 Feb 2019 1:20 am    
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The stock rating is 8 ohms , the amp doesn't care what the wattage rating is.

The Blues Jr has two requirements, the speaker FITS and is 8 ohms. If you are attempting to get more clean out of it, the speaker swap probably won't help, this is a 4 x EL84 amp, designed to growl at lo volumes. And it does.!

I have a 50 watt Fender Gold Label Emmi in mine , it growls just fine ! Laughing

The amp is excellent for very small practice rooms or even very small gigs, I use it often for jams. It does fine, uhmmm... until it doesn't ! Very Happy
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Lee Bartram

Sparta, Kentucky, USA
Post  Posted 10 Feb 2019 5:19 am    
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Thanks guys for the replys,I am not changing out the speaker but nust wanted to unplug the amp speaker a d plug in the tt-12 cabinet out of curiosity to see how it sounded.
Tony I always enjoy reading your post,always full of good informayion
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