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Post new topic MXR Resonator and Freeloader Buffer placement?
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Author Topic:  MXR Resonator and Freeloader Buffer placement?
Kristen Bruno

Orlando, Florida, USA
Post  Posted 11 Jan 2019 10:31 am    
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I currently have my Steel Guitar to Freeloader to (passive) Volume Pedal to Amp. I like this.
I want to experiment and add my MXR Resonator pedal.
In general, where is the best place to put it?

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Jack Hanson

San Luis Valley, USA
Post  Posted 11 Jan 2019 11:46 am    
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The Resonator pedal is basically a fancy EQ. When I play mine, it's hooked up between the instrument and the volume pedal. You may find the MXR will also act as a buffer, and can take the Freeloader's place in your signal chain.

Nothing is written in stone, however. Experiment with pedal placement. What sounds best to you is the way you should go.
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Brad Sarno

St. Louis, MO USA
Post  Posted 12 Jan 2019 8:26 am    
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I would definitely put the FreeLoader first, then try the reso pedal after volume pedal. If you pull the FreeLoader out of the chain, then you'd lose the ability to have that tone control. If you put the reso pedal as your buffer all by itself and before the volume pedal, then you'll likely raise the impedance too high and get a harsh treble response from the pickup. The reso pedal is 1Meg ohm load. That's way too high for steel guitar pickups, makes them too bitey and harsh and trebly. Steel pickups want to see 500k Ohms or less.

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