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Post  Posted 10 Jan 2019 8:49 pm    
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Happy New Year, Everyone!

Last year when we launched the PFM streaming course I had no idea it would prompt so much interest outside the Pedal Steel Guitar community...Since then I was asked to be interviewed by some major league rockers. I truly believe without the online course exposure these opportunities were not on my plate.....

I want to thank everyone here who watched the most recent Guitar Power interview. It was great to finally show the relationship the steel has with an electric guitar player at Dweezil Zappas level...The greatest thing is this video interview is out there forever and is reaching a large musician audience...Most of which knows "little to nothing" about what is possible to play on our instrument.....As you can see, I am trying to promote the instruments capabilities to serious musicians in the most positive ways..

...At the PFM we inform them about the whole community as a source....We believe in the "all ships rise" theory.

This is the new course along with a big "Thank You" for helping spread the word about the new course...

How to Navigate the Site & Courses - SLIDESHOW

How To Navigate Site - Downloadable PDF

A Message From Paul

The Parts of the Pedal Steel Guitar - VIDEO

For 6-String Guitarists - VIDEO

Open Strings/Intervals - VIDEO

The Open Strings - QUIZ

Thinking In Intervals PDF

E9 Tuning - QUIZ

How To Sit Behind The Guitar - VIDEO

Tuning Your Guitar By Ear - VIDEO

Tuning Your Knee Levers - VIDEO

Tuning Your Guitar With A Tuner - VIDEO

The Jeff Newman Tuning Charts PDF

Choices For Picking Techniques - VIDEO

How To Wear Your Picks - VIDEO

Choosing And Holding The Bar - VIDEO

Bar Pressure - VIDEO

Bar Exercises - VIDEO

Vibrato Concepts - VIDEO

Introduction To The Pedals - VIDEO

The Intro To The Pedals - QUIZ

TAB Basics - PDF

Intro To Pedals TAB PDF

The Volume Pedal - VIDEO

Adding Expression With The Volume Pedal - VIDEO

Intro To The Four String Groups - VIDEO

The Four String Groups - QUIZ

Chord Names On The Fretboard - VIDEO

Chord Names On The Fretboard -QUIZ

Timing: Working With A Metronome - VIDEO

Practicing The String Groups - VIDEO

The 1-4-5 Progression - VIDEO

More On 1-4-5 Progressions - VIDEO

Goodnight Ladies TAB PDF

1-4-5 Chords In Every Key PDF

1-4-5 Chord Progression - PRACTICE TRACKS

Picking Exercises: The Arpeggio - VIDEO

How To Practice H.O.T.R.S. TAB PDF

Intro to Blocking The Strings - VIDEO

Pick Blocking - VIDEO

Using The Pedals To Make Chords - VIDEO

The Pedals - QUIZ

The Four String Groups - Major Chords - VIDEO

Beginner Chord Etude TAB PDF

Major Chord Practice Tracks - VIDEO

The Four String Groups - Minor Chords - VIDEO

Minor Chords - QUIZ

Minor Chord Practice Tracks - PRACTICE TRACKS

Pads & Power Chords - VIDEO

Power Chord TAB PDF

Chord Progressions - VIDEO

Open Position Dominant 7th Chords - VIDEO

Pedals Down Dominant 7th Chords - VIDEO

Dominant 7th Extensions - VIDEO

Playing The Blues - VIDEO

The Major Scale - VIDEO

Basic Harmony PDF

Adding Harmonies to the Major Scale - VIDEO

The Harmonized Major Scale - VIDEO

Harmonized Major Scale TAB PDF

Major Scales and Triads PDF

Putting It All Together - VIDEO

Drones In Various Keys - PRACTICE TRACKS

Western Swing and Blues Rock - VIDEO

Western Swing and Blues Rock TAB PDF

5511 Ballad Intro - VIDEO

5511 Ballad Intro TAB PDF

No Longer A Beginner - VIDEO

Thanks From Paul!

Tips On Practice Routines - VIDEO

Suggested Listening

Basic Music Theory - PDF

Thinking In Intervals - PDF

Paul's TAB Symbols Explained

The Nashville Number System - PDF

Links to Some Pedal Steel Resources

Chord Formulas - PDF

Cycle Of 4ths and 5ths - PDF

Major Scales and Triads - PDF

How To Read TAB - VIDEO

How To Read TAB - PDF
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Johnie King

Tennessee, USA
Post  Posted 12 Jan 2019 5:57 pm    
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Very cool an insightful thanks Paul Congrats
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Lynn Fargo

Fort Edward, NY
Post  Posted 13 Jan 2019 2:23 am    
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Hi Paul,

I was gifted this course for Christmas by my boyfriend, Larry Robbins, a student in your original course. I got a sneak peek at it before it was launched and mentioned that I thought it would be well worth the cost. I was very pleasantly surprised when I got my welcome email on Christmas Eve.

Like you, I started playing lap steel with written music at 8 years old. Later, having no pedal steel teachers available, I learned to play pedal guitar via tab. And with that knowledge, a good ear and lots and lots of determination and patience, I did play in bands for a number of years, but never did learn the instrument as well as I would have liked to.

Working through this course, I'm finding some of it to be a good review and much of it to be a real challenge. It's exactly what I need to fill in those blanks and move forward. i highly recommend it for anyone wanting to learn what this instrument is really all about.

Thanks for your great effort.

Hope to see you in Dallas!

Sho-Bud Pro II Custom, BMI S-10, Fender Pro Amp, Fender Mustang II Amp, Morrell 8-string lap, Epiphone 6-string lap, Galveston reso, etc.
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kevin ryan

San Marcos, California
Post  Posted 14 Jan 2019 12:20 pm    
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Very cool Mr. Franklin
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