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Author Topic:  Let me introduce myself - Brad can guess my name
Noam Cohen

California, USA
Post  Posted 4 Dec 2018 8:52 pm    
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Hi all. I fell down this lap steel rabbit hole about six months ago when I inherited a wonderful K&F student model with a hot, intact, boxcar pickup. I’ve been a ‘goner’ ever since.

I am what you might call a ‘semi-pro’ harp (harmonica) player in San Francisco. I've played publicly in blues, country and folk configurations on and off for 45 years (yikes). I also play sax, some mandolin - and do a little bit on the keyboard. Harp is what I’m actually good at.

Since getting the K&F I’ve picked up a 6 string Gibson Ultratone, a 6 string Fender Champ, and a used ‘Boxcar' square neck resonator for playing acoustic. Being curious about the possibilities of an 8 string instrument, I ‘bit’ on the cheapy SX - which is more that good enough for experimentation for now. If I stick with 8 string, I plan to commission a custom one from a young local luthier I know- and keep my eye out for CL and Reverb.com bargain vintage finds.

The K&F, Ultratone, and resonator are all in GBDGBD. The Champ is in C6 - but I haven't played it that much. The 8 string is for now - in my own tuning (I think ?). I’ll start another thread on that - as I have questions and am open to suggestions.

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Bill Sinclair

Hagerstown, Maryland, USA
Post  Posted 6 Dec 2018 7:19 am    
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Hi Noam. Welcome! I'm also a harmonica (48 yrs) and sax player that fell down the lap steel rabbit hole about four years ago. As you've already discovered, it's a great deal of fun and a terrific complement to the instruments you're already playing. I started out on an open E tuning, EBEG#BE (lo to hi) which is great for blues. You may want to give it a try on one of your 6-string laps.
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Noam Cohen

California, USA
Post  Posted 6 Dec 2018 1:54 pm    
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HI Bill - Thanks for the welcome. Good to see another harp - sax player here. My nasty old harp amps (mostly old Gibson's) sound great for bluesy tones with the lap steels- as you probably know. Of course the Lap steel-kit amps that where sold with laps back in the day are almost all great low watt harp amps. The irony being, they suck for clean Hawaiian or Swing sounds turned up above 1 or 2.

I'd alway been curious about open tuned slide guitars - figuring there was a lot in common there with diatonic harps. I just never got around to experimenting till this K&F came to me. A good part of what grabs me about music and playing - is the tone and tonal possibilities of an instrument. The tones of bar on steel are just plain addicting for me now.

I'll play with that tuning at some point.
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