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Author Topic:  BL 705 Reissue Pickups
Lee Baucum

McAllen, Texas (Extreme South) The Final Frontier
Post Posted 8 Feb 2018 2:28 pm     Reply with quote

It appears that these pickups have really gotten popular. I have one in each of my two S-10 guitars and am very satisfied with them.

I have found, on both of my guitars, that these pickups perform much better when raised up pretty high. Usually, with single-coil pickups, using U.S. Quarters (coins) to measure, I end up being almost able to slide three quarters between the strings and the top of the pickup...almost, but not quite.

My guitars lose both volume and sustain when the 705 is set that low. I have raised the pickups and now I can easily slide one quarter, but not two, between the strings and the magnet/bars. The volume and sustain are much better set that way.
Lee, from South Texas
Down On The Rio Grande

Williams Keyless S-10, BMI S-10, Evans FET-500LV, Fender Steel King, 2 Roland Cube 80XL's, Sarno FreeLoader, Goodrich Volume Pedals,
Vintage ACE Pack-A-Seat
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Bill C. Buntin

Cleburne, TX
Post Posted 8 Feb 2018 4:39 pm     Reply with quote

Lee this is good to hear. I have avoided these reissues because I liked the originals that came on the MCI SO MUCH so that I just cannot imagine a better pickup. The E66 George L was close. Something magic about the 705. I somehow allowed those two pickups to be "traded off" over the years. Now, it is almost impossible to find originals with the chrome ring.

I have not tried a reissue as yet but I am glad to hear another player's opinion. Like all things in the world, there are too many options for me. I saw ALL of the options with the new MSA guitars on Mickey's video, and its almost overwhelming.

most of the time I think you can find the reissue 705 for less than $100 a piece for used ones.

Next guitar I put together, I think I will give them a try.

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Jody Cameron

Angleton, TX,, USA
Post Posted 9 Feb 2018 9:56 pm     Reply with quote

I love the 705s personally. I have them on both necks in Mickey’s Blue MSA that I’m using. Very happy with them. I had one of the original chrome ones in a Sho-Bud Professional a long time ago as well. Just great all around pickups IMHO.
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Jim Bob Sedgwick

Clinton, Missouri USA
Post Posted 11 Feb 2018 7:04 am     Reply with quote

I seem to remember that Bill Lawrence stated he used the chrome surround as part of the grounding system. The black surround uses copper inside the pickup to ground. I have played both styles, and both sound the same to me. Bill stated the copper made for a quieter pickup. I have them on both my Williams guitars. They are super IMHO. Smile
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Ron Hogan

Nashville, TN, usa
Post Posted 11 Feb 2018 7:15 am     Reply with quote

Have you tried the 10.1 pickup? I tried one in an MSA when they were displayed here in Nashville by Mickey. Liked it a lot. Thoughts?

Ron Hogan
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Jody Cameron

Angleton, TX,, USA
Post Posted 11 Feb 2018 9:44 am     Reply with quote

Ron, I have not had the opportunity to try a 10-1, but I’ve been wanting to try one. I hear they are very good.
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Mickey Adams

Bandera Texas
Post Posted 12 Feb 2018 9:02 pm     Reply with quote

Yep, the 705 reissue is every bit as good as the original...Thats JMHO...The new Telonics 34 is another up and comer!!
2017 MSA LEGEND XL D10, S10, Studio Pro S12 EXE9
Mullen G2, Rittenberry S10, Infinity D10, Zumsteel 8+9
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