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Author Topic:  Stringing Up a Fender Console Steel (Need Advice!)
Mark Helm

Tennessee, USA
Post Posted 6 Dec 2017 12:08 am     Reply with quote


I recently acquired a Fender Dual Pro 6 and, well, I've never strung one of these up before. I figured it would be easy, but...well, let's just say the strings all stay in tune--it just looks a bit ugly.

So, anyone have advice for doing this with alacrity and aplomb (whatever that means)?


Aforementioned axe:

And for those who are interested in such things:

War-time Rick Model B (Panda), 1948 Rick Model S/NS, 1955 Fender Dual Professional 6-string (non-pedal)
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Nic Neufeld

Kansas City, Missouri
Post Posted 6 Dec 2017 5:43 am     Reply with quote

I was a first-timer too a few weeks ago with my "new" Stringmaster (two years younger than your Dual), so you can take this not as expert advice, but as fellow neophyte experience. What I did was google how to string up slotted peghead guitars, there are no end of videos with roughly similar techniques that apply here. But in short, I would attach string at the bridge, clip the string about 2+ tuners past the destination tuner (maybe too much, but it worked for me), bend a very small 90 degree bend at the end, about the length of the tuner hole itself...rotate the tuner post so the hole is on top but a bit towards the backside, insert the bent end of the string, and start winding. There is some trick to winding in one direction and then switching, but I forget, it should be listed in the slotted peghead tutorials online.

Other tips...definitely work outside, right most tuners (the lowest and highest strings) and move left. Also, get a string winder tool, doing it all manually would get annoying with two or more necks of 8 strings...
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Brad Davis

Texas, USA
Post Posted 6 Dec 2017 10:55 am     Reply with quote

Ugly wadded up and uncut strings on a peghead are fairly common in my experience, many people don't know how or know better but don't care/too lazy to do it right. A general rule of thumb for almost any stringed instrument is to thread the string through the tuner post and, keeping it taught, lifted the string over the 12th fret until there's approximately enough space to fit a softball under it. Crimp a 90-degree bend at the post and wind the string close to pitch, then cut the excess.

For these tuner pans though its a little easier to cut the string an inch or so past the crimp before winding. In any case you need to try to keep tension on the string in the right place, generally near the nut, while winding. Depending on the instrument its also sometimes a trick to keep the tail end of the string in the bridge slot until you get it wound under tension. You can also kind of guide the string so that it winds more "pretty" and neat around the tuner post. A good string winder helps, as well as working outside in.

I rarely get it perfect myself, but I never leave big coils of excess string, a big wad of string wrapped all over itself, or a foot of string waving about poking people's eyes out.
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