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Author Topic:  Sara Jory
Landon Johnson

Washington, USA
Post Posted 23 Nov 2017 10:13 am     Reply with quote

Damir Besic wrote:
I guess player I always enjoyed watching was Buddy, he was always smiling, laughing, and you could see he was totally in control of the instrument, and having fun with it... very entertaining... not sure bout Sara, never really watched her play...but most steel players look so serious while playing, like its a matter of life or death lol ...

I'm like that on 6 string (40 years...) but not on the steel, where every note requires and Act of Congress...
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Landon Johnson

Washington, USA
Post Posted 23 Nov 2017 10:23 am     Reply with quote

Roger Rettig wrote:
I think so.

With Sarah and Tommy E. it's a contrivance. Why else would she lift her picking hand up in the air as she pushes a knee lever? I believe she's drawing attention the instrument's complexity (in case the Great Unwashed don't notice!)

Let me stress that both the players I've cited are, in their own way, the products of endless practice and dedication to their craft. They have my deep respect.

I can say this - I took several semesters of conducting class and I do the same thing - I am actually conducting the music when I get into it. I do this at home when I am practicing as well, so it's not showmanship. I think it shows that the performer is listening to the sound and the little hairs on the back of their neck are standing up when, as an ensemble, it fits perfectly. Something unbeknownst to us resonated with that band at that time and she responded to it. If it were repated show after show then yes, I'd be suspect...
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Bobby Nelson

North Carolina, USA
Post Posted 29 Nov 2017 1:29 am     Reply with quote

I used to see Stevie Vaughn in the bars in the late 70's. No one was doing what he was doing musically at that time - and hadn't been for quite a while by then. He would knock you out with his guitar playing alone and then, as the show went on, he went onto all the guitar slinger stuff - it was an incredible show, and one you wouldn't ever forget.

Then, there's John Hughey - Probably my favorite steel player (along with Jimmy Day, Bobby Garrett and a few others)... Not much to see watching John but Conway's stuff wouldn't have been the same without him. I enjoy watching them both.
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Post Posted 29 Nov 2017 5:03 pm     Reply with quote

Many years ago in Dallas Buddy and Sara were closing the program on Sunday. I I recall it was their last song which was How Great Thou Art. Sara was singing and Buddy play. The crowd was standing as the song progressed you could feel in inspiration fall ove is. When Buudy took a ride is seemed as if hands were directed from above. When Sara started the last verse tears were streaming down her face as is was mine and others around us. I turned to my friend next to me said tho I could hardly speak and said “It don’t get any better than this”. All the way home it kept replaying in my head and any time I head ‘‘tis song I think of that event. I did have my recorder going but the tape was my friends and I never did get a copy
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Drew Pierce

Arkansas, USA
Post Posted 14 Dec 2017 6:51 pm     Reply with quote

I wasn't going to post on this thread because I thought it was rubbish from the outset and didn't want to push it forward. But the thread below made me change my mind. Sarah Jory is a monster player who puts her body and soul into her playing.

I have been accused of, among other things, being a banjo player. I don't deny it. I have also been chided for many years for making apparenly tortured facial and body expressions while playing both banjo and steel. I can assure everyone that such expressions are not voluntary. I would avoid making them if I could.

If I could play one 100th as well as Sarah Jory, I would gladly take the kind of negative nonsense I have read on the above thread about the physicality of her playing.
Drew Pierce
Emmons D10 Fatback, S10 bolt-on, Zum D10, Evans RE500, Hilton volume and delay pedals.
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Lee Baucum

McAllen, Texas (Extreme South) The Final Frontier
Post Posted 15 Dec 2017 6:30 am     Reply with quote

Gary Cosden wrote:
She is simply being herself. The world could easily use a lot more like Sarah.

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Damir Besic

Post Posted 15 Dec 2017 7:03 am     Reply with quote

Gary Cosden wrote:
She is simply being herself. The world could easily use a lot more like Sarah.

right, and yet, there is 13 year old little girl who plays her little heart out, and her post has 3 replays , including mine .... while here we have 7 pages of blabbing with a conclusion how we need more young female players ...

it seems like we love to talk ABOUT the young players, but not so much talking TO them... or we just may be full of shit .... btw. I don't believe Sarah is a member here, or at least I couldn't find one single post that she posted or replied to... she has no problem posting on FB tho .... here we have a young player who is a forum member, asking for our help and attention, but we choose to ignore her, just to write a 7 pages of praises to someone who can care or less bout this forum or what we think .. like I said, full of shit ....
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