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Author Topic:  Fishman Nashville pickup installation question
Peter Garellick

California, USA
Post Posted 8 Nov 2017 1:16 pm     Reply with quote

Aloha, helpful forumites!

I have a cheapo new-ish Gretsch squareneck "dobro" with a Fishman Nashville pickup in it.

I just got a sweet 1936 Dobro Model 37 squareneck. I want to put the pickup from the Gretsch into the Dobro.

I'm no guitar tech, but I think I might be able to do this by myself. But I have a few questions I hope someone can answer before I get into it.

1) How hard is it to remove and install the wooden bridge pieces into the spider piece?

2) If that is hard, could I just swap the whole spider piece from guitar to guitar (assuming they are identical size)?

3) Will this require resoldering the wiring of the endpiece jack, or just disassemble and reassemble?

I greatly appreciate any answers on this...thanks!

Peter Garellick
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Dennis Saydak

Manitoba, Canada
Post Posted 8 Nov 2017 1:39 pm     Reply with quote

I have installed this pickup in two of my Dobros and highly recommend this pickup. The bridge pieces are just a snug fit into the spider channel and it should be relatively easy to carefully lift them out and install them into another spider. The spider channels may have slightly different widths so a little shimming for snugness may be required. One of my spiders has the screws which hold the bridge pieces securely. The other just has the bridge installed securely. Both work just fine.

The wire going to the jack normally runs through a small hole drilled in the edge of the sound well ring. In this case you would have to unsolder the connection at the jack so that the wire can be removed. The other option depending on how/where the wire is run through the body is to carefully remove a little wood to free up the wire so it can be removed.

Hope this helps.
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Peter Garellick

California, USA
Post Posted 8 Nov 2017 3:46 pm     Reply with quote

Thanks Dennis!

Yes, I think I know what you mean regarding the sound well ring. I'll have to get in there and take look.

I also like the pickup a lot...sounds good in the cheap-o Gretsch. I was just watching the video Andy Volk posted about the Auru pedal, suppose I'll have to get one of them sooner or later too.

Thanks for the help!
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