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Post new topic 10-32 coupling nuts + bolts for rod extension in Canada ?
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Author Topic:  10-32 coupling nuts + bolts for rod extension in Canada ?
William Gough

Quebec, Canada
Post  Posted 9 Oct 2017 2:55 pm    
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Hey fellow forumites,

I bought a beautiful fessenden D10 from an estate sale (great deal !) a few months ago and I'm really fond of the guitar but the pedals are too high from the ground and it's uncomfortable to play. Looks like the previous owners cut the rods for a mysterious reason. They are about 2 inches off the ground and the balljoints are at the end of the threads with no way to go lower.

I've seen the extension kits for sale and all but that would cost me around 100$ for something I could do myself for 10$ or so.

The only problem is that I have been to a few hardware stores and I can't find 10-32 coupling nuts and 10-32 bolts in Canada...

My fellow Canadian steel players friends, do you have any ideas on where I could buy them ? I saw the extension kits that Al Brisco sells but, like I said, it's probably something I could do myself for less and since I'm quite tight on cash, I come to you fellow forumites.

Thanks a lot !!!
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Bryan Martin

Quebec, Canada
Post  Posted 9 Oct 2017 3:13 pm    
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I pm'd you. I can make them. Hope you are close.

Cheers, Bryan
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Ian Rae

Redditch, England
Post  Posted 10 Oct 2017 2:52 am    
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Is Canada all metric then? Over here regular hardware stores sell only metric, but I can get NF and NC stuff from a local fastening specialist as they are also a recognised standard.
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Charlie Hansen

Halifax, NS Canada and Various Southern Towns.
Post  Posted 10 Oct 2017 7:44 am    
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Contact Al Briscoe, steelguitarcanada.ca. 905-355-3056.
His stuff is mostly Carter but I'm sure he can fix you up.
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Jerry Overstreet

Louisville Ky
Post  Posted 10 Oct 2017 7:57 am    
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Hopefully Bryan can fix you up. Otherwise, you can use threaded aluminum spacers and stand-off's with a 10-32 internal thread of the proper length and lok-tite the same size set screw in it.

I say aluminum because zinc plated steel is a lot heavier even though probably easier to find.

I don't know of any Canadian suppliers, but there are many online suppliers of these things. Shouldn't be a huge expense buying from a US dealer even with the exchange and shipping to you. Certainly less than what you have referenced.

Here's one source: clickhere

...or www.grainger.com

...set screws clickhere
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William Gough

Quebec, Canada
Post  Posted 11 Oct 2017 4:48 pm    
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Thanks a lot for all your help and answers !

I have an appointment with Bryan this weekend to see what he can do so case solved !

I tried ordering from all the U.S. website but they have product export restrictions that prevent me from ordering from any of them. That would have been the easiest and cheapest way to get them.

Ian, Canada is metric and imperial but for whatever reason I can't find that thread size...

Charlie, like I said in my first thread, I'm quite low on $ these days and Al sells them for 9$ each so that sets me back close to 100$ with the shipping and all.

Thanks again
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Greg Derksen

Alberta, Canada
Post  Posted 12 Oct 2017 4:47 am    
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Hi William,

I found some at home depot , there in the little Custom screw carousel's they have , most home depot's have 2 or 3 of these carousel's in there screw and bolt area, they worked great on my Emmons Legrande 3,

There one inch long and you can double them up if you need two inches,
They look great and were cheap, there in little plastic bags ,

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