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Post new topic Blanton Pickup Mount Question UPDATE WITH PICTURES
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Author Topic:  Blanton Pickup Mount Question UPDATE WITH PICTURES
David Ball

Post Posted 3 Oct 2017 4:15 am     Reply with quote

I just got a really nice old Blanton D12 that I'm going to start fixing up. It's in great shape and doesn't need much, but I do have a question.

Digging in to the closed threads on the forum, I found this:

The other night I went to practice and discovered that the treble side of the pickup on my Blanton was sticking up. It was sticking up so far that it was pressing against the strings. (Ok, actually I just noticed the thing sounded out of tune, so I retuned it, stuck the bar on it and discovered it was still out of tune, and then after sitting there dumbfounded for a while noticed that the pickup was out of whack.)
The pickup seems to have come unattached from whatever adjusting mechanism is in there. My problem is that it looks like the whole changer has to be taken apart to get to where the pickup attaches.

Have any of you Blanton owners out there seen anything like this before? Do I really have to take the whole changer apart to fix this properly?
I have it rigged for the time being, but I will need to get this fixed properly.

I'm having the same problem. Any clues as to how best take care of this? I never saw a final answer on the old thread.

Also, if anyone has a few spare Blanton pullers, I'd like to add a couple more knee levers and I could use them.

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David Ball

Post Posted 4 Oct 2017 12:20 pm     Reply with quote

OK, so here's the answer for anyone who is interested. You do have to take off the changer cover. You don't have to do anything with the fingers but push them out of the way. It's easiest to remove the knife edge fulcrum first.

There are 8 bolts holding the changer housing on--three run through the skirt so might or might not be obvious. The fingerboard has to be removed first. Here are pictures of how the pickup mount works and the bolts involved with removing the housing. Hope this helps someone one of these days!


Here's two of the three bolts taken out of the inside (between the necks)--the third is under the knee lever mount.

Here's the pickup mount once the cover is off. There are little plastic bushings that the adjustment screws push against. One had broken. I cut a metal washer, bent it to put it around the screw and then bent it back flat. Good as new and didn't have to de-epoxy the nut that you turn to adjust the pickup.

Here's the changer with the knife edge fulcrum removed.

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Damir Besic

Post Posted 4 Oct 2017 8:22 pm     Reply with quote

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