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Author Topic:  Switches for a 1955 Stringmaster
Dave Alfstad

Indianola, IA USA
Post Posted 17 Jul 2017 7:59 am     Reply with quote

I recently purchased a T8 Stringmaster ~1955 or so, and the original push-button switches have been removed and all necks of the guitar wired to be always on, bypassing the volume knob. I want to add 2 toggle switches to turn the necks off and on, and I would prefer not to have to modify the bridge plate if possible. Does anybody have suggestions for toggles that will fit right in the existing holes? Also, what wiring configuration would you suggest using for two toggles?
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Bill Sinclair

Hagerstown, Maryland, USA
Post Posted 17 Jul 2017 10:53 am     Reply with quote

It's covered in Jeff Mead's stringmaster quad restoration thread:

Be sure to read it to the end.
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Dave Alfstad

Indianola, IA USA
Post Posted 20 Jul 2017 5:25 am     Reply with quote

Thanks for that link. I have a couple questions that weren't answered in that thread, though.

First, does anyone know of switches that will go right in the preexisting push-button switch holes without drilling? I liked the switches Jeff Mead used, but I really don't want to drill out the holes if I can help it.

Second, I would like to wire it to work like this. (I will use < & > to indicate switch direction.)
Neck #1: <<
Neck #2: ><
Neck #3: >>
All necks: <>

Is this possible? I am also open to better suggestions.

Thanks for your help.
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Jeff Mead

London, England
Post Posted 22 Jul 2017 1:25 am     Reply with quote

About the closest I could find were the mini toggles that I don't particularly like and most of them are still slightly too big to go through the existing holes without drilling.

On my original triple neck that i cannibalised for parts for the quad, my guitar guy mounted 3 mini toggles to a plate which then mounted to the Stringmaster plate with just the toggle part of the switch poking through the existing holes. The switches themselves were attached to the plate he made and the plate itself was attached to the guitar with a nut and bolt through the existing holes.

It worked just fine but I was never in love with the look of the mini toggles (modern looking) and the action of them (no satisfying clunk when you throw the switch). However, it did mean no modification to the original plate and you could easily select any combination of necks.

It did occur to me (see my original thread) that I could disguise the mini toggles by glueing the plastic cover from a Les Paul style toggle switch over the shaft but in the end, I bit the bullet, drilled some holes and put decent switches in (if it was good enough for Leon...).

A picture of my rig is below. If you want it, let me know and PM me your address and it's yours.

BTW - I just put the bolts back when I removed the rig from the guitar but, of course, they would be mounted the other way so what you see from the top of the plate is the screw head, not the nut!

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