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Author Topic:  first time playing for an audience!
Russell Taylor

Dade City, FL
Post Posted 4 Jun 2017 9:55 am     Reply with quote

The ice is officially broken. I've messed around with guitars for 30+ years and C6 lap steel for almost 7 years, but never in a public situation. Today I finally played the steel guitar outside of the safety and comfort of home, in our church praise band which I've only played about a month in. I usually play acoustic guitar, strumming simple chords, but today one of the 3 songs we did was "I'll Fly Away". Since I had that one (sorta) figured out on the lap steel, I brought it. The other band members were curious and interested to hear a new sound in the mix. But during practice my sound was getting lost in the mix of everything so the leader suggested I lead off the song with the chorus melody. I wish I could say I nailed it, but at least it wasn't horrible. Just very freaky hearing me and only me playing out into the large sanctuary. My wife said it sounded good, so did a few others. But I felt like a 10 yr old at the grammer school talent show...But now I can say I did it and will be less skeered next time. This is meant as an encouragement to those on this site, like me, that are not pros. I'm 57 and have always wanted to play in a band.
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James Kerr

Scotland, UK
Post Posted 4 Jun 2017 10:16 am     Reply with quote

I remember coming home on cloud nine too, nothing else feels like that, strumming a Guitar is one thing, but a Steel, now that will get you noticed. Its good the Group Leader has noticed your efforts getting lost in the mix and I'm sure you have something he wants to be heard. Get used to leaving room for others and they will leave room for you.

Just remember, anything you play, however small will be picked up by ears unused to that sound and much appreciated, you will have a queue waiting at the end of the night ready with questions.

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Russell Taylor

Dade City, FL
Post Posted 4 Jun 2017 11:00 am     Reply with quote

Thanks James, for your kind encouragement. I am looking forward to playing steel more in our church band. As a Christian, I feel like the steel has great potential in worship music, not in a syrupy way either, let it wail! Besides, I've passed the stages of my life where staying up late to play in a bar is appealing.
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Jim Williams

Meridian, Mississippi, USA - Home of Peavey!
Post Posted 6 Jun 2017 7:03 am     Reply with quote

I've been brushing up on a few simple songs including one to play at our church on their 5th Sunday program. I've played several other instruments but like you never the steel, so I guess we'll be in the same boat soon. Nice to hear your debut went well. One thing about the steel is that you know when you play it, it may be the first time a lot of the younger folks in the audience have ever seen or heard one first hand.
GFI SM10 3/4, 1937 Gibson EH-150, 2 - Rondo SX Lap Steels and a Guyatone 6 String C6. Peavey 400 and a Roland 40 Amps. Behringer Reverb Pedal.
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Erv Niehaus

Litchfield, MN, USA
Post Posted 6 Jun 2017 8:14 am     Reply with quote

I remember the 1st time I played out in public.
My left foot shook SO bad that I had to take it off the volume pedal! Whoa!
This was in church also. Very Happy
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Dom Franco

Beaverton, OR, 97007
Post Posted 12 Jun 2017 6:39 am     Reply with quote

May God bless your steel playing!
I have been playing my steel guitar in Church for many years, and the sound works very well to compliment the singing of hymns and contemporary worship music.
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