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Author Topic:  You Took Her Off My Hands E9/C6 Excel 12 String + Telonics
Greg Cutshaw

Corry, PA, USA
Post Posted 17 Mar 2017 7:06 pm     Reply with quote

Here's my take on an old Ray Price classic moved into the key of D and played on both necks. err, uuuh, both lock lever tunings on the Excel S-12. Pretty straight to the melody but I did add a behind the bar bend on E9th and the D to D# change with the diminished chord on the C6 side of things. Telonics TCA0500C amp mic'd and Telonics FP-100 foot pedal.

Hear It!

Rhythm track located here:
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Douglas Schuch

St John, US Virgin Islands
Post Posted 13 Apr 2017 10:43 am     Reply with quote

Hey Greg, thanks for all the posts and info you share! So, gut level thoughts - if you could have one amp, which would you go for? Stereo Steel, Telonics, Quilter (I believe you have or had one of these recently)? And remind me what speakers you are playing your Walker through? JBL's with closed back, or something else?
“I like beautiful melodies telling me terrible things.” ― Tom Waits
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gary pierce

Rossville TN
Post Posted 13 Apr 2017 11:12 am     Reply with quote

Beautiful Greg, and the drummer never missed a beat.
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Greg Cutshaw

Corry, PA, USA
Post Posted 13 Apr 2017 11:15 am     Reply with quote

I have had no problem getting great sound out of the Stereo Steel, Telonics TCA-500C, Fender Steel King, Peavey Nashville 400, Session 400 or Webb 6-14-E most of which I have tried with my MSA Legend, Sho-Bud Pro-II and my Emmons push pull. Can't imagine anyone not liking one of those amps with the right combination of speaker, foot volume, pickups, possible mods etc. I have not had very good luck getting my sound with any of the Evans amps, Randall Steelman 500, Twin Reverb, Quilter or the Nashville 500 or 112. This probably angers a lot of people that have and love those amps when I say this. But we all have opinions based on our experience and preferences.

The Stereo Steel has the advantage of true stereo output with two built in 300 watt power amps. For the studio I greatly prefer closed back cabinets. Out on a gig, definitely open back. I have only tried the JBL speakers in the Stereo Steel so I can't comment on the Black Widow setup.

The Telonics TCA-500C has a ton of useful unique features including light weight, dobro sim, world class DI interface, LED lighting, super low noise floor, effects remote control.

Both the Stereo Steel and the Telonics have awesome sound, great effects and outstanding customer service.

I thing the Stereo Steel has a little fatter sound with the stereo setup but the Telonics is perhaps more versatile for use with other instruments. I've sold my Princeton, Vibro-Champ and Deluxe Reverb amps since getting the Telonics and it's all I use for fiddle and guitar (sometimes add the Keeeley compressor for guitar).

My review of the Walker Stereo Steel should be posted tomorrow with a lot of sounds, pictures and other information.

As has been said many times, you really need to try these amps yourself and what works in the basement may suck on a gig where acoustics, increased volume, interaction with other instruments and far field sound come into play.
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