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Author Topic:  DAW comparisons, fact vs fiction
Tony Prior

Charlotte NC..
Post Posted 4 Feb 2017 3:11 am     Reply with quote

So this morning I was viewing a tutorial on YouTube about another very nice DAW, Studio One, the guy speaking implied that what he was doing could not be done easily on Pro Tools. Don't get me wrong, Studio One is a very nice package and if I was not already a PT's user I would seriously consider it. BUT, none the less. He was wrong, not only a little wrong but REAL wrong.

The entire point of merging tracks down to one, whether it be called a Folder ( Studio One ) or a Group (Pro Tools) is to free up viewing space on the main edit screen, or perhaps to organize your session. IF several tracks are complete, GROUP them , then HIDE them so your view-able space is available. There is no need to see 25 tracks at one time. This also free's up very valuable processing resources.

So the video was very nice and well done, except the comments were not accurate.

So here is a link to a short video I did which shows this Group, AUX BUS and HIDE feature in Pro Tools, a very simple thing to do and every premium DAW has this feature, if it doesn't, it's not premium and not worth the space it takes up on a hard drive !


There are many " Why I changed from Pro Tools" video's but quite frankly most of them are making silly claims about things that cannot be done which of course can be done very easily.

The point here is not that PT's is better or some other DAW is better, it's that if we are viewing a tutorial and the person is implying something, they may very well be REALLY WRONG. Or knows nothing about the other DAW they may be dissing. OR, they are a marketing person for the DAW they are showing.

Not showing in the video is that on the AUX bus which controls several tracks, you can add all of your effects, dynamic processing etc, this is WHY we do this Grouping /Aux Bus process.

Just be aware...
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Plano, Texas 75023
Post Posted 4 Feb 2017 7:06 am     Reply with quote

You posts on the forum are among some of the most educational posts there are!!

I am an old analogue recording engineer and converted to Pro Tools several years ago. I barely tap the resources that are available because I bring everything back through the board, but I have learned several tips from reading your posts over the years. Your mixes are also superb. Keep em coming!!

Mark T

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Dale Rottacker

Tacoma Washington, USA
Post Posted 4 Feb 2017 7:22 am     Reply with quote

Good information Tony.

I have Studio One 3, and have loved it from the moment I got it and love it more the better aquatinted I get with it. The biggest thing for me I think, is the terminology, not coming from any kind of recording background, understanding the language is a a bit of a struggle at times.

I’ve seen many videos where they talk about “Work flow”... and although the better the workflow the easier it is to work with, for me not having to pump this stuff out in a commercial way, probably not as important.

By no means do I know all the in’s and outs of S1, for instance the Folders you mentioned. I’ve read about them seen videos on them, but have never taken the time to use them. I don’t think what I do is as extensive or as complicated as what you or some other professionals use. But should probably look into it more, as even my modest amount of tracks can get a little cluttered after multiple takes.

I guess it comes down to what you get used to. I’ve recorded with Garageband, as my first “get aquatinted with DAW” DAW, and got pretty good results for a novice. But saw things in S1, that I thought would work better with what I was wanting to do. Some of the videos I’ve watched explaining S1 are done by folks very well versed in ProTools, who have used them in a professional capacity for years and switched to S1. I’d have to guess that works in the other direction too. Folks have a natural way for liking to do things perhaps and one DAW may fit that better than another. Like you said though, no right or wrong, just different.

My buddy David Mitchell has used a very early version of Nuendo for years, I believe version 1, and has and still does, produce some extremely high quality recordings. I sent him a copy of S1, cause I was all stoked about it Very Happy, and he looked at it and thought it had some really good features, but after all the years he’s used Nuendo, the learning curve just probably isn’t worth the time.

I guess when It comes right down to it, if you’re comfortable using the DAW you’ve been using and gotten used to, you’re going to be able to produce some good recordings. And Tony, you produce some great recordings. I guess like Emmon’s, it’s not so much about the guitar you play, but the way you play it. Very Happy Laughing Very Happy
Dale Rottacker, Steelinatune

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Tony Prior

Charlotte NC..
Post Posted 4 Feb 2017 7:33 am     Reply with quote

Correct Dale, it's not really about the DAW at all, but rather the users ability to effectively use whats in front of him or her. The only time the DAW really matters is if we reach a stumbling block which cannot be corrected with whats in front of us. Then we make up new words !

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Rick Schacter

Portland, Or.
Post Posted 4 Feb 2017 9:44 am     Reply with quote

I finally got around to trying out Pro Tools and I think it's a fine DAW.
However, the reason I still use Studio One as my main DAW is that it's more songwriter friendly, IMHO.
Features like these make it a lot easier to take a song idea from start to finish.

I suppose if you're planning to work with pro studios, Pro Tools might be a better choice.
Because with Pro Tools, you would be able to transfer your entire project into their system, including automation and specific Pro Tools plugins.

If you're not constantly working with pro studios, or if you're o.k. with simply transferring stems without FX and automation, then you have the luxury of choosing any DAW of your choice.

Like I said in a different thread, in the end it's about making music.
A DAW is just one of the tools used to create.
Choose the tool that you like and get busy making music...and above all, have fun doing it.

** One thing I forgot to mention is that Pro Tools is probably not the best choice if you use midi very often.
There are a lot of folks who write electronica style music who prefer using a DAW like Ableton Live.
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