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Author Topic:  Playing out vs Studio Session
Greg Lambert

Illinois, USA
Post Posted 24 Dec 2016 1:39 pm     Reply with quote

I have always noticed that when I play out somewhere with the band it always sounds pretty good. Sometimes I use a Tascam Hand held recorder with mics to record the band. Sounds great.

But when I play in the studio I have to change my playing habits drastically. We just have a 4 piece band so I play a lot of chords behind the singer when playing live. This works pretty well when Live but not so well in the studio.

Should my playing be consistent with both venues? In other words should I play like I would in the studio when playing live?
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Bob Hoffnar

Austin, Tx
Post Posted 24 Dec 2016 1:48 pm     Reply with quote

In general I do better when I play live like I do in the studio. Live I can get carried away and play to much extra stuff. It is better (in my case) to try to keep it simple and focused pretty much all the time.

I do comp if there is nobody else doing it live though. Depends on the situation.
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Lane Gray

Topeka, KS
Post Posted 24 Dec 2016 3:32 pm     Reply with quote

Sometimes in the live situation, you want more energy and less restraint.
In a 4 piece band, I only comp chords when the guitar is taking a lead.
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Richard Sinkler

aka: Rusty Strings -- Oakdale, California
Post Posted 25 Dec 2016 11:28 am     Reply with quote

I'm a better live player. I hate the way I sound on studio stuff.
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Bob Hoffnar

Austin, Tx
Post Posted 25 Dec 2016 4:05 pm     Reply with quote

It is also much more easy to play in tune in the studio. I can control what I'm hearing.
Live is usually a nightmare. Trying to figure out where the pitch center is with all the stuff going on in the air is next to impossible sometimes.
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Kevin Fix

Michigan, USA
Post Posted 25 Dec 2016 5:27 pm     studio Reply with quote

I prefer live any day. Not a big fan of studio work. Boring. No fun.
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Donny Hinson

Glen Burnie, Md. U.S.A.
Post Posted 25 Dec 2016 6:53 pm     Reply with quote

In both situations, you more or less do what you do. Playing live, you have a set start and stop time - which usually will not vary, and a lot of material. In the studio, you could be there 1 hour, or 6 hours, depending on how long it takes to get everything right. "Do-overs" don't happen in live playing, but in the studio, you may have to repeat and repeat the same thing, though the total amount of songs is pretty small.

So, live work is more fun, but the studio does pay a lot better!
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Rich Upright

Florida, USA
Post Posted 5 Jan 2017 6:35 pm     Reply with quote

Live is more fun 'cause there's chicks in the audience!
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Tony Prior

Charlotte NC..
Post Posted 6 Jan 2017 2:26 am     Reply with quote

I enjoy both but to be clear, I don't do much studio session work. In studio what I enjoy the most is the collaboration of my idea'a and the artist/producers idea's for phrasing, it's never just wide open play what I want. It's a meeting of the minds that hopefully ends up on tape.

When it clicks, it's awesome !

Gigs are what we do to play, improve, talk gear, have fun and nobody much cares if we make a bunch of mistakes.

Gigs are where I get to hang out with friends and play music with friends.

Gigs are where I present new instrumentals to the dance floor and see what happens ! ( good or bad )

Studio or gigs, I'm just glad to be able to do either and still get calls !

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Ian Worley

Sacramento, CA
Post Posted 6 Jan 2017 1:22 pm     Reply with quote

Rich Upright wrote:
Live is more fun 'cause there's chicks in the audience!

Yeah, chicks...dancing...!
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Mark van Allen

Watkinsville, Ga. USA
Post Posted 11 Jan 2017 11:14 am     Reply with quote

I really enjoy both, and have been lucky enough to have enjoyed both sessions and gigs that have run the gamut from sublime to seriously ridiculous.

Listening back to live recordings I sometimes hear my intonation being less centered than I'd like, as a trade off for some rowdy energy, I guess. In the studio, I'm able to focus more on nuance and that has it's own rewards.

I have had some occasions where I came up with a really tasty part, which helped to set off or define the meaning of the track. Most rewarding, and I sure wish it happened more often! I TRULY admire the studio dogs who manage to pull that off session after session, day after day.

I know they recycled some of the same ideas but to listen over the recorded output of Lloyd, Hal, Sonny, Buddy, Paul, and others, the level of creativity and musical depth astounds me… the opposite of a cookie-cutter music mill. Hats off.
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