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Author Topic:  Home recording
Godfrey Arthur

Post Posted 8 Oct 2016 6:54 am     Reply with quote

Yes whatever works for you works.

I have Motu 2408 and Pro Tools HD3 192khz i/o all on Mac format.This was long ago when things were not as they are now.

I even have the audacity to use Audacity as a mastering software but on a PC with Windows 7. I found XP to be more user friendly.

Of course the browser people will have to keep up with the OS unless someone comes up with something non-Microsoft.

Unfortunately there are not many OS mainstays like there are string makers. It's a monopoly and all designed to push everyone onto the next technology which will be memory-less cloud access systems where you can't save anything on your "portal" and can only log onto the world memory bank that they, not us, will control. Notice the "offer" of online recording studios. Intellectual property is the name of the game. Whomever controls the memory and hosting, owns the IP.

Melodyne is a great pitch correction software, btw.

But note that after Windows 10 they will go into a monthly rental for Microsoft OS. That is the plan. Crying or Very sad

This is where humanity is headed under the king OS maker.

From the Bronx via Manila
ShoBud The Pro 1
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Les Cargill

Oklahoma City, Ok, USA
Post Posted 12 Oct 2016 9:22 pm     Reply with quote

[quote="Godfrey Arthur"]
Jack Stoner wrote:

You spend $10K on a DAW recorder, the way the computer peripherals change, you would have to buy a new cpu in order to upgrade your recording/plugin software and all the accompanied upgrade fees for each.

This is different than it was in 2011 when last I pulled a computer upgrade, but it was a $400 machine and my interface is a $500 investment. Software so far is about $90 for Reaper and $200 for Waves plugins. Oh, and throw in a $70 Behringer ADA8000.

It'd be a stretch to get to $10k Smile
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Godfrey Arthur

Post Posted 13 Oct 2016 3:57 am     Reply with quote

Les I was referring to a pro DAW rig with Core Cards. Actually it's easy to spend $25k on a serious standard of the industry (2016) Pro Tools pro rig.

Here with only two cards:

And would need this;

For posterity when the above links disappesr:

USD$20.5k 2016 price. Core cards making this setup an HD2 and the Sync i/o clock along with the software

Does not include the computer needed to accept the Core cards.

After the Mac G4 the PCI card slots changed when the G5 came out and the core cards for the G4 will not fit the G5, so include a computer upgrade since Apple and Avid are not moving in the same direction, Avid following computer makers' next hardware interface directives and reshuffling many parameters.

USD$4k 2016 price. The hardware to connect track mic/line inputs, track outputs and to control the Core cards in the computer.
From the Bronx via Manila
ShoBud The Pro 1
YES it's my REAL NAME!
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Tony Prior

Charlotte NC..
Post Posted 14 Oct 2016 1:39 am     Reply with quote

I would have stayed on XP with my Pro Tools .

But my daughter bought me a new monitor for my birthday ,last year in 2015, a 29" incher, it wouldn't run on XP . So I did the next best thing, built a WIN 7 machine with 10 gig and upgraded from PT 8 to 12 so I could run on WIN 7. Then bought a new table for my stuff.

$800 later I was back in business so I could keep the new monitor my daughter bought me for my birthday ! Smile.

Actually I was going to do it anyway at some point. PT12 on WIN 7, 10 gig is a charm, I have not had even ONE crash and basically everything translated over from 8 to 12 except for the effects patches that I wrote in 8.

Even the MAudio hard card Delta interface runs on WIN7 which they do not support. What doesn't run is the Maudio program outside of Pro Tools, but it's no big deal because it runs inside Pro Tools, Pro Tools see's it and it can be configured Johnny on the spot.
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Godfrey Arthur

Post Posted 14 Oct 2016 2:06 am     Reply with quote

Tony Prior wrote:
bought me a new monitor for my birthday ,last year in 2015, a 29" incher,

Nothing like a giant monitor to be able to see the mixer and the waveforms.
From the Bronx via Manila
ShoBud The Pro 1
YES it's my REAL NAME!
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