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Author Topic:  Crate steel amp???
Ron Pruter


Arizona, USA
Post  Posted 28 Mar 2016 5:18 pm    
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Anyone ever hear about this?
Emmons SKH Le Grande, '73 P/J bass, Tick tack bass, Regal high strung, and a Coral Sitar.
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Fred Justice

Mesa, Arizona
Post  Posted 28 Mar 2016 6:04 pm    
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Ron, I was a Crate distributor when we had the store in Globe, AZ.
I didn't find any of the Crate amps suitable for steel guitar, the Crate Power Block was as close as it came.
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Lane Gray

Topeka, KS
Post  Posted 28 Mar 2016 8:24 pm    
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After my Session 500 took a dive, I bought and liked a CR280J, sold as a jazz guitar amp. Worked quite well with my push-pull.
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Clyde Mattocks


Kinston, North Carolina, USA
Post  Posted 28 Mar 2016 8:30 pm    
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I bought a used Crate GFX 120T just because the price was right (50.00). I was surprised how good my LeGrande II sounded thru it. I take it to one small venue every time I play it. Although the on board reverb is O.K., I stick a Holy Grail in front of it.
LeGrande II, Nash. 112, Harlow Dobro
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Jim Priebe


Queensland, Australia - R.I.P.
Post  Posted 28 Mar 2016 11:29 pm    
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I bought a Crate G160XL amp for my son during his "Van Halen" wannabe stage and even at the volumes he played at, it went a long time.
The secret was the EV 12L (4 ohm version especially batched for the Crate) speaker which was originally in it. It was OK for steel with the treble rolled well back and was loud. There may still be those around still working.
The speaker is still working fine and I used it for many years in my Peavey steel and other amps. Very heavy but impeccable sound and just unbreakable. Sadly the Crate amp slowly died.
Edit: Come to think of it - only half died I guess as I actually use the Crate cabinet to house a MB200 and an Eminence EPS12C speaker for a light weight excellent steel amp.
Priebs GFI ('09)Short-Uni10. GFI ('96)Short-Uni SD11. ('86)JEM U12
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Curt Langston

Post  Posted 31 Mar 2016 5:44 pm     Jerry Knapper
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I've actually had an amp exactly like that one on eBay. Jerry Knappy of Roland OK. had it custom built when he was a sales rep for SLM. (Crate) That 15 inch speaker made a big difference.
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Stu Schulman

Ulster Park New Yawk
Post  Posted 4 Apr 2016 5:42 am    
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I have a"Crate Cr-45"that I bought many years ago at a yard sale for$10.00it's one of the first amps they built,When they they built them into a real crate.This amp is a monster,Four degrees of gain,One day I'll put a new speaker in it. Winking
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the mid 50's.Peavey Nashville Scott Swartz Z-pickup...112,and LTD ,Sho-Bud Bill Groner .Telonics volume pedal,and 206 pickups.
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Jerry Knapper


Lakeland, Florida , USA
Post  Posted 14 Apr 2016 7:30 pm     Crate amps
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While working with Crate for 20+ years I tried several Crate amps with both 10 and 12 string steels. Although Crate never really made a steel amp, thee were a couple that I really like. I used a GX40C with the regular crate speakers when I played the Gospel Palace. It worked good for my monitor and we lined it out to the board with no complaints. I also had the factory make the one Curt has. It has some great sounds and the 15" speaker did make a big difference. I like the Power Block and still use one now and then. Recently I repair a couple of DX212's for some friends and although not as impressed when they came out in the 90's, I was so impressed with their sound now that I bought both a DX212 and a DXJ112. In fact I use the DXJ112 and line out to the Power Block which I run through a JBL 15. I really like the effects in the DX amp which carries over into the Power Block. I have also used a Quilter Tone Block in lieu of the Power Block, but the Power Block has more adjustable features. I also like the VTX65 that I have, but the effects went out. I put a GFX1000 on the back of it and it sounds great, although I use it more for guitar. I have 3, 12 strings steels that I switch off with and one 10 string, each with their own tone in themselves so I often switch amps using the crates, a Peavey 112 or Nashville 400, a Fender twin and one of the other 27 amps in my collection.
I should also add that the sound of the amps varies with the type of strings I use and the Peaveys can provide a warmer darker sound, where the Crates offer a brighter Fenderish or Emmons sound.
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Jan Viljoen

Pretoria, South Africa
Post  Posted 14 Apr 2016 9:17 pm     Crate amp
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I use a Crate GTX 65 sometimes and although it is a solid state like the Cube, I like the sound.

I bought it at a pawn shop and it is all part of sound variation.
It works well and gives no trouble.

Let the games begin.

Sierra S10, Stage One, Gibson BR4, Framus, Guya 6&8, Hofner lap, Custom mandolins, Keilwerth sax.
Roland Cube 80XL, Peavey112-Valve King and Special, Marshall 100VS.
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