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Post new topic Why CFC?.....MSA explains.
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Author Topic:  Why CFC?.....MSA explains.
Harry Hess

Blue Bell, PA., USA * R.I.P.
Post Posted 5 Dec 2002 1:41 am     Reply with quote


The MSA website is very good and very informative, but how soon can we expect to see examples of the guitar in all of the colors offered?

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Donny Hinson

Glen Burnie, Md. U.S.A.
Post Posted 9 Dec 2002 2:46 pm     Reply with quote

Harry...if I'm not mistaken, Reece answered awhile back (in another thread) that they can make the guitar in almost any color you might imagine!

( was good to meet you at the show.)
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Rex Thomas

Thompson's Station, TN
Post Posted 9 Dec 2002 3:51 pm     Reply with quote

Yeah, what I understand from that same thread is you send them your favorite suit & they color match the guitar to it for you.
Seriously, when b0b was playing around with the colors, that "grey" version of Tommy's red MSA looked mighty handsome, IMHO.
Wouldn't surprise me if they've gotten a request for that color already.
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Rex Thomas

Thompson's Station, TN
Post Posted 9 Dec 2002 3:55 pm     Reply with quote
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Post Posted 10 Dec 2002 10:31 am     Reply with quote

Concerning Rainsongs;
Depends on usage. Acoustically it's not as pleasing to my ear as a well made wooden guitar. But plug it in! Mike's right - it's a great sounding guitar. It speaks well of the carbon fiber material as a tone material. Besides, if you plug in a Taylor, Martin and Rainsong and do a blind test - I doubt you would notice a significant different. They all have Fishman preamps, piezos and mics etc. now and it sort of levels the field. Actually I have looked at Rainsongs for the last year or so and compared them to more expensive guitars with onboard electronics and the Rainsong is quite amazing. If you want to use microphones for recording a guitar - then get a good wooden 6 string. That may or may not be a Taylor or a Martin

Chris Kennison
Ft. Collins, Colorado
"There is no spoon"

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Hal Higgins

Denham Springs, LA
Post Posted 19 Dec 2002 11:11 pm     Reply with quote

Reece....I've taken a good look at the specs you have supplied of the New MSA Milennium, and I'm impressed. In 1972 I bought my first D-10 guitar and it was an MSA Classic. I thought, and said to others, how smooth this guitar played. I really believe that MSA was ahead of their time in building that guitar. have always loved the playability of the MSA. The only negative comment I have ever had about the MSA was that I couldn't get enough bottom out of it, no matter what I did to my amp...the highs always were very shrill to my liking. According to the posts of Tommy White and the comments also of Johnny Cox, I must say that I can hardly wait to sit down to play a Milennium. I think I'd like to have one, but just a bit out of reach of the old you figure the price for a D-10 with 8 & 8 (which I gather to be a little over 6K) is just a little to much? I wish you the best......HAL

Be Blessed........HAL
'85 Emmons LeGrande D-10, Rack w/Evans, Tubefex 2, 1501-4 BW's
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