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Author Topic:  Slick Hands Snydrome
Paul King

Gainesville, Texas, USA
Post Posted 5 Dec 2002 10:57 am     Reply with quote

I have been having trouble holding onto my bar due to slick hands. I am hoping someone can recommend some product they have used if they have had a similar problem. I have not dropped my bar yet but have come close on several occasions. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated...........Paul King
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Jon Light

Saugerties, NY
Post Posted 5 Dec 2002 11:16 am     Reply with quote

Paul---I tend toward this problem too--mainly a winter time thing. Several options I know of.....not outright solutions but each one helps in its own way.

--larger diameter bar. Gives you more to grip, and enables you to grip it somewhat on its underside, beneath its fattest part. A 1" bar made a bit of a difference for me.

--Red Rajah. Not my favorite bar but it does do what it claims--feels a bit tacky in the hand yet is remarkably slick on the strings.

--Use hand cream. The standard ingredient glycerin tends to soften the fingertips and restore a little of the tackiness that is more natural during more humid (summer) weather.

--Use a grooved bar---Carter sells a 2 and a 3-groove bar, based on the type of bars used by some Sacred Steelers. It has weight, has a bullet nose, has a full round bottom, and therefore is like a cross between a standard steel and a Stevens type. I guess. Anyway, it's ok but frankly I don't tend to use it although I will definitely reassess it if I spend more time working on blues based stuff.

I hope this helps some.
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Rick Aiello

Berryville, VA USA
Post Posted 5 Dec 2002 3:02 pm     Reply with quote

Bee's Wax (Sno-Seal).... I discovered it while water proofin' my snow boots ... when we moved up here from Miami (never had a problem down there) ...

Just a dab ... then wipe off the excess ... too much and it is counter productive.....

I even have to use it with my Red Rajah's ... my hands get slick as glass up here in the winter ...

"If the SHOES fit ... you must EQUIP..."

[This message was edited by Rick Aiello on 05 December 2002 at 05:06 PM.]

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Richard Gonzales

Post Posted 6 Dec 2002 5:13 am     Reply with quote

Paul- I live in the north country where it is very dry in the winter and I had the same problem. I tried a Red Rajah bar and it work well for that purpose, but the tone was not as good as a steel bar. I went from a 7/8 dia. to a 1" dia. I wash my hands and bar very thorough, then Dry your hands and bar. This works very good 99% of the time for me. If you need more stickum just add a little moisture to your fingers holding the bar and it will stick better. Also when your hands are clean, dampen each finger that takes a pick and you will find the picks stay on like glue! Good Luck!!
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Frank Parish

Nashville,Tn. USA
Post Posted 6 Dec 2002 5:39 am     Reply with quote

Get a pumice stone at the drug store and get the dead skin off your hands. I call it new hands. You get that old skin off and you'll have a better grip than you ever did before. Also there is Zims Crack Cream sold in drugs stores. It helps heal hands that crack open if you have this problem. I deliver cardboard boxes all day and night and my hands get unbelievably dry and crack open. Works for me.
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Gene Jones

Oklahoma City, OK USA, R.I.P.
Post Posted 6 Dec 2002 9:28 am     Reply with quote

...if I keep pushing this product I'll be accused if having stock in it, but here it is once more:


For any of those bandstand slippery problems, picks, bar, etc. No residue on your strings, guitar or clothing, removes easily, inexpensive. Available anyplace where school supplies are sold....
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Johan Jansen

Post Posted 8 Dec 2002 5:31 am     Reply with quote

Don't use soap to wash your hands to often. Your skin has a natural grease-layer for protection. If you wash your hands to often, your skin produces more grease, to compensate the lack of it.That makes your hands slippery. Just use water, it's natural ...Will take a few months to let it turn back to normal...

Click on the pic!

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Del Rangel

Sacramento, CA, USA
Post Posted 8 Dec 2002 8:46 am     Reply with quote

Cornhuskers Lotion
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Michael Brewer

Carrollton, Texas
Post Posted 8 Dec 2002 9:19 am     Reply with quote

Get a jar of "Gorilla Snot" down where all the rock players trade. It works great. I use it on my pick fingers and apply a small amount on my thumb and first two fingers of my left hand. It has helped me a lot with both picks and bar.

Mike Brewer
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Wayne Brown

Strathmore, Alberta, Canada
Post Posted 8 Dec 2002 9:40 am     Reply with quote

crazy glue....hmmm
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Wayne Cox

Chatham, Louisiana, USA * R.I.P.
Post Posted 12 Dec 2002 6:17 pm     Reply with quote

I used to have that problem,so I quit eating Fried Chicken!
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