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Author Topic:  Zum Brochure
David Farlow

Post Posted 5 Dec 2002 4:09 am     Reply with quote

I keep reading all these great things about Bruce and his Zum Steel guitars. Can any of you Zummies out there tell me if Bruce has a brochure with price list, options...etc. I got his address from the Forum and would like to see what is available. Know that he is very busy with a waiting list of steels to build so don't want to take up too much of his time at the moment. Thanks for your help. David

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Post Posted 5 Dec 2002 5:21 am     Reply with quote

David, you can contact Bruce at(816) 380-4568 He has a price list on all models and a design sheet that you can pick from.If your thinking of getting a Zum you won't regret it.I've played every major brand over the past 30 years and find Bruce to make one of the best I have ever picked. Be patient, you will have to get in line I waited 9 months for my baby to be created. Good luck and go for it! Frank

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Tommy Dodd

Acworth, Ga., USA
Post Posted 5 Dec 2002 9:42 am     Reply with quote


I have been a Zumsteel advocate for over 20 years and have been involved with the development of some of the guitar's cosmetic changes you see. I feel, as a lot of players do, that the Zum is a great un-compromising guitar. And, I know Bruce would not mind a phone call to talk about your specific needs and will be glad to send you one of his current brochures.

And, since you live in Texas, try to come to the Dallas show in March. It's a great show for steel players and folks who love western swing music. (Not a lot of that style music being played in Atlanta, Ga. unfortunately.) And, we always have a great display of Bruce's new babies for people to see and hear.

This is my latest guitar. And, yes, it sounds even better than it looks!

Give Bruce a call.

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Wayne Cox

Chatham, Louisiana, USA * R.I.P.
Post Posted 5 Dec 2002 5:55 pm     Reply with quote

Yes, bruce does have a full-color brochure.
Zumsteels play in tune,stay in tune,hold up well on the road,look great,and sound even better! I've played Zums with different pickups;they all sounded great! A new Zum is definitely worth the wait!
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Dave Van Allen

Doylestown, PA , US , Earth
Post Posted 5 Dec 2002 7:50 pm     Reply with quote

I heartily concur with statements above. I love my '97 U12 Zum.

Bruce's brochure and literature are valid representations of his product, and his front apron designs (which I believe Mr. Dodd had a hand in) are unique and beautiful. He was even willing to send me (on loan) formica chips to help me make a decision about color co-ordination. I was able to scan the brochure sheet of options for front aprons into my computer and use a graphic paint program to mix and match color combo's and designs based on the chips he sent.

It is simply one of the finest pedal steels made .
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Grove City,Ohio
Post Posted 5 Dec 2002 11:03 pm     Reply with quote

Yes!!!!! Zumsteel is the way to go! Call Bruce today.
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David Farlow

Post Posted 6 Dec 2002 3:28 am     Reply with quote

Thanks to all for responding to my question. Tommy, you can be very proud of your work with Bruce, thanks for the picture. Sounds like someone looking to purchase a new PSG, like myself, would be very satisfied with the purchase of a new Zum. Having not played for several years and not having any equipment initially the cost of getting back into playing PSG in fairly expensive. Have gotten a good deal on a couple of Nashville 1000's from Jeff Coffell on the Forum and a Hilton pedal from Wayne Pauly. So next I need a PSG. Suppose the hardest thing if I am able to purchase a new Zum would be the wait. Have got the PSG fever pretty bad. Don't think I have heard of anybody around here leasing a PSG for a few months while waiting to get a new PSG made. Anyway, I will be contacting Bruce to get the information. Also hope to make it to the Texas Steel Guitar convention in March 03, meet some fellow forumites and get blown away by all the great talent, this would be my first show. Thanks again, your dedication to Bruce and his Zum PSG says a lot. David

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