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  Topic: Jerry Roller
Gene Haugh

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PostForum Section: Gone Home   Posted: 22 Dec 2020 2:13 pm   Subject: Jerry Roller
Didn't want to hear this on my 80th birthday, but at least I will be able to remember him!
One of my greatest thrills was when he ask me to sit in for him while they went on Vacation.
Condolences to ...
  Topic: Rare ShoBud LDG
Gene Haugh

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PostForum Section: Pedal Steel   Posted: 24 Feb 2020 9:37 pm   Subject: ShoBud LDG
I am sure that is the only "Painted" Blue LDG that was made after 1980 because I painted that one and took it to Scotties show.
I'm sure that's the only one we made! Don't know about ...
  Topic: Time it takes to build a steel?
Gene Haugh

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PostForum Section: Pedal Steel   Posted: 11 Dec 2019 10:26 am   Subject: Time it takes to build a steel?
This has nothing to do with the question asked, but back in the 1980's the time for building a Sho~Bud - Super Pro was 19 hours. The Factory was Pd. $910.00 for each one we produced. The factory lost ...
  Topic: shobud super pro?
Gene Haugh

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PostForum Section: Pedal Steel   Posted: 9 Sep 2019 12:39 pm   Subject: shobud super pro?
I was in charge of Sho~Bud production from October 1979 until the end of production and there was never anything but a 24" scale made during that time! There was only one scale (Plastic or Metal) ...
  Topic: Cracks in top of Sho-Bro Resonator
Gene Haugh

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PostForum Section: Steel Without Pedals   Posted: 27 Jul 2019 5:10 pm   Subject: Sho~Bro
Hey Guys;
If this is a Gretsch made Sho~Bro then the top is a laminated 3 ply Spruce top! Gretsch never made a solid wood top for a Sho~Bro. Shot may have but not the Gretsch factory.
Gene Haugh
  Topic: Mystery Sho-Bud
Gene Haugh

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PostForum Section: Pedal Steel   Posted: 16 Mar 2019 1:07 pm   Subject: Mystery Sho-Bud
The Production card on this steel
Model = 6140 - Ser. #2984
Built = 1/4/1973 1 = Knee lever
Built by, - Paul F.
Checked by - looks like D.J.
Shipped = 1/15/1973 to Taylor Music & TV Center H ...
  Topic: Ol' Shobud PJH?
Gene Haugh

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PostForum Section: Pedal Steel   Posted: 12 Jan 2018 10:31 am   Subject: Ol' Shobud PJH?
Lloyd's guitar was built 5/7/73 and one other 6150 was built in May.
1 - in June, 1 - in July, 1 - in August
19 - in September and 18 in October.
  Topic: Ol' Shobud PJH?
Gene Haugh

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PostForum Section: Pedal Steel   Posted: 12 Jan 2018 10:16 am   Subject: Ol' Shobud PJH?
Just another little bit of information, this guitar was the 32nd LDG built!
  Topic: Ol' Shobud PJH?
Gene Haugh

Replies: 23
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PostForum Section: Pedal Steel   Posted: 12 Jan 2018 8:22 am   Subject: Ol' Shobud PJH?
I got the production card for your Steel and the Card reads,
LDG 6150 Ser. Number 4364
Date built - 10/26/1973
Built by - C.K. (Don't know)
Checked by Yasu Kameya
Date shipped - 11/9/1973 ...
  Topic: Sho Bud Logo
Gene Haugh

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PostForum Section: Pedal Steel   Posted: 6 Jan 2018 8:49 am   Subject: Sho Bud Logo
Fred Gretsch had "Nashville Tennessee" removed when he bought the company in 1985 and moved it to Ridgeland SC. in October of that year.
  Topic: Scale length list?
Gene Haugh

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PostForum Section: Pedal Steel   Posted: 24 Aug 2017 2:15 pm   Subject: Scale length list?
Hey Guys,
I won't say that Sho~Bud never made a 25-1/2" Steel because I think Shot made whatever he thought of at the time. But I think you may be looking at a Sho~Bro fretboard. We made quite a ...
  Topic: Rose~Bud Photo Shoot !!! Finished
Gene Haugh

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PostForum Section: Pedal Steel   Posted: 9 Aug 2017 5:46 pm   Subject: Rose~Bud Photo Shoot !!! Finished
If you look at the picture I think you can see that the "Rose" is standing on top of a display and balanced only on the two front legs. We had more fun with people looking and trying ...
  Topic: Rose~Bud Photo Shoot !!! Finished
Gene Haugh

Replies: 32
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PostForum Section: Pedal Steel   Posted: 9 Aug 2017 2:25 pm   Subject: Sho~Bud "Rose"
I'm sorry if I misled you when I sent the picture to you but that was the only good one I have of the "Rose". That is not me in the picture it is a fellow named Kenny Madden from Cha ...
  Topic: VERY EXCITED!!!!! about "Rose -Bud"
Gene Haugh

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PostForum Section: Pedal Steel   Posted: 31 May 2017 6:23 am   Subject: VERY EXCITED!!!!! about "Rose -Bud"
Just a few small facts that will go along with the rebuilding of the "Rose". The "Rose was a water mount Decal that I found on the rack at Wal~Mart in DeQueen Arkansas. The colo ...
  Topic: SSSGC 23rd Steel Show April 29th - 30th Siloam Spgs, Ar
Gene Haugh

Replies: 29
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PostForum Section: Event Announcements   Posted: 29 Apr 2017 4:39 am   Subject: SSSGC 23rd Steel Show April 29th - 30th Siloam Spgs, Ar
I have looked forward to this ever since I was scheduled to play but the weather has other planes.
I hope there will be another time! It's 125 miles from my house right through the middle of ...
  Topic: shobud super pro pickups ???
Gene Haugh

Replies: 7
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PostForum Section: Pedal Steel   Posted: 1 Apr 2017 7:23 am   Subject: Wire size
Even old men can be wrong sometimes.
I said the wire on a Sho~Bud pickup was #43. It is not it is #42.
Gene Haugh
  Topic: shobud super pro pickups ???
Gene Haugh

Replies: 7
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PostForum Section: Pedal Steel   Posted: 31 Mar 2017 2:30 pm   Subject: shobud super pro pickups ???
Hey Guy's
This is what SHO~BUD wound the 6166 pickups. From before the early 80's until we stopped building!
The counter on the winding machine only counts every 4th turn and the C6 counter was s ...
  Topic: Sho Bud Super Pro II History.
Gene Haugh

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PostForum Section: Pedal Steel   Posted: 25 Mar 2017 5:29 pm   Subject: Sho Bud Super Pro II History.
If I did this right here is a picture of that guitar.
We took it to ST Louis the year the Super Pro II was introduced. This steel was never sold or even finished and that is the reason for no ...
  Topic: James Morehead RIP
Gene Haugh

Replies: 65
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PostForum Section: Gone Home   Posted: 29 Aug 2016 4:45 pm   Subject: James Morehead RIP
When someone has a passion as James did it shows in the friends he collects in life. James had a passion for Sho~Bud like no-one I ever knew. I have worked for Sho~Bud since 1980 and he helped me. My ...
  Topic: Sho-Bud Pro II - first look and mechanical question...
Gene Haugh

Replies: 17
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PostForum Section: Pedal Steel   Posted: 29 Jul 2016 7:56 pm   Subject: Free play Sho-Bud
There must be a tiny bit of free play before the roller on the bell crank comes in contact with the brass tuning collar. On the E9th neck the smallest string has the most travel and should be t ...
  Topic: Latest Built Sho Buds
Gene Haugh

Replies: 26
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PostForum Section: Pedal Steel   Posted: 8 Jul 2016 5:42 am   Subject: Sho`Bud castings
Sho~Bud Endplates, were sandcast aluminum made by Perfection Molders in Goodlettsville Tenn. The owner was a gentleman named Wilson McKee. On a trip to see Wilson and to check on Sho~Bud parts I had t ...
  Topic: Sho-Bud Serial Numbers
Gene Haugh

Replies: 470
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PostForum Section: Pedal Steel   Posted: 3 Jul 2016 7:22 am   Subject: Sho~bro
basilh & Michael
I have a 7-string the same as the one in the picture. These were not built by SHO~BUD except for a few. The rest were made in the Gretsch factory in Booneville AR. in the mid t ...
  Topic: Some pictures of the Sho-Bud factory 1977
Gene Haugh

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PostForum Section: Pedal Steel   Posted: 2 Jul 2016 7:50 pm   Subject: Some pictures of the Sho-Bud factory 1977
Yes the man sitting at the steel is the same one who made Canopus steels in TOKYO. His name is Yasuhira Kamiya or better known as "YASU". The story as told to me by Shot Jackson was, Yasu ca ...
  Topic: Sho-Bud Super Pro parts Changer Flaw
Gene Haugh

Replies: 42
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PostForum Section: Pedal Steel   Posted: 27 Jun 2016 6:04 pm   Subject: Sho-Bud Super Pro parts Changer Flaw
Hey Fellows;
I am so familiar with that problem and in the past with all the repair's we did at the factory I have seen all the above mentioned. The finger is chrome plated over the pot metal and wh ...
  Topic: History of SuperPro #15062
Gene Haugh

Replies: 11
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PostForum Section: Pedal Steel   Posted: 14 Jun 2016 6:56 am   Subject: History of SuperPro #15062
I have the production card for that guitar and it was built 10/8/1979! I'm sure it was built in Conway AR. because that was the time Sho~Bud was being moved from Nashville. Don't know who buil ...
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