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Author Topic:  iPad apps that you may have missed......
James Mayer

back in Portland Oregon, USA (via Arkansas and London, UK)
Post Posted 29 Aug 2017 11:09 am     Reply with quote

Dennis Waltman wrote:
Hmmm, Jazz Harmony must no long be available as I can't seem to locate it or the developer in the App Store.

Thanks, Dennis

Hmmm, I just found it in the appstore from my iPhone. I simply typed in "Jazz Harmony" and it was the first thing that came up.

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Casey Saulpaugh

Asheville, NC
Post Posted 29 Aug 2017 12:04 pm     Reply with quote

Drumgenius is another great practice app...been using it for the past two months.

It has about 400 drum loops, from many styles of music. The loops sound great, can be slowed down or sped up, and have descriptions/discography references.

They're great to use with drones for intonation and scale practicing, to work on chord comping, or just to groove and improvise with.

It comes with 3 free loops, but if you pay $10 you get all 400 which is well worth it in my opinion.

I've found myself using this more than a metronome lately because I feel like I'm jamming with a drummer and it can make practicing more entertaining.

Anyone tried this app or using it?
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Jon Schimek

Boulder, Co - USA
Post Posted 30 Aug 2017 8:34 am     TE tuner Reply with quote

The TE tuner is very cool.

Android users should be aware that I can't seem to get the same exact functionality where you play a series of notes and have it print the note it thinks it's seeing, as in the first screen shot. It works well on my iphone, but realize on android it just shows the waveform and the pitch line.

I realize lots of folks use the Amazing Slow Downer to slow the rate of a song without impacting the pitch.... Still if you are not aware it integrates with Spotify seamlessly.. this is a really cool feature.

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Bob Hoffnar

Austin, Tx
Post Posted 30 Aug 2017 9:42 pm     Reply with quote

Just got the TE tuner. Very cool.
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Peter Bates

Colorado, USA
Post Posted 31 Aug 2017 8:52 am     TE Tuner Reply with quote

John McClung wrote:
What a great thread, James! Thanks for taking the initiative to start this Wiki of useful music apps for steelers. I don't yet have an iPad; does TE Tuner work on my iPhone?

Hi John. Yes TE Tuner works on the iPhone. I have been using it for a couple of years.
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Tom Dillon

La Mesa, California, USA
Post Posted 31 Aug 2017 5:17 pm     Reply with quote

Alex Cattaneo wrote:
What do you all use for input/output with the iPad? I have the Peterson adapter but that only works as an input into the Ipad for tuning.

Great thread!

I just did a survey of audio interfaces that work with iOS, Mac and PC. I settled on Audient iD4. It is perfect for my needs: One mic and one line input, great sound, and bus powered. Portable enough for use with iPad on the go. For iPad I connect it as described in this video at 7:26:

I got mine at Sweetwater.

I found this iOS app very useful:
Octave ($4.99), by Alex Wiltschko

I use it as a visual help when adjusting the eq on an amp or preamp with any instrument. You can use this with the iPad mic, or direct with an audio interface like the iD4.

Tom Dillon

'76 Sho-Bud LDG
GD Walker Stereo Steel
Peavey Nashville 400
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James Mayer

back in Portland Oregon, USA (via Arkansas and London, UK)
Post Posted 1 Sep 2017 9:57 am     Reply with quote

The devloper of "TonalEnergy" is the developer of "ThumbJam" which has been around a long time and is very popular. It lets you control sampled instruments on the touchscreen but, at some point, a feature was added that lets you sing into the mic and control the pitch of the sample. I made the assumption that the same excellent pitch tracking engine used in "TonalEnergy" is also used in "ThumbJam". So, I forked over the $8.99 and spent all of last night playing very excellent samples of bowed strings (the cello is outstanding), organs, flutes, mellotrons, theremins and so on. I've experimented with midi pickups on a 6-string guitar before but this is somehow so much more expressive. With one $8.99 app you have a monophonic steel guitar synth.

You have to get it set up right with the attack, release, glide, octave, etc parameters. You also have to turn off the 'polyphonic' toggle as the audio input will really only let you play monophonically. Of course, some samples like pianos and drums don't work so well on steel as you can hear the note steps as you slide. However, some of the keyboard and fretted instruments have smooth transisition (mellotron, organs) and others have a smooth slide as long as you keep it no longer than a semitone or tone (mandolin, banjo). There are a lot of instruments included and more for free download (you gotta download the Turkish Ney and Mellotrons)

Here's a thought I just had for an intonation exercise using ThumbJam. One of the options is to have it "snap to note" which means you set the scale and when you slide from note to note the pitch will "auto-correct". If I set up ThumbJam and my clean steel at the same time, I could practice scales or melodies and hear how far off I am at every step and adjust. It would be a moving drone note. I'll be trying this tonight. Any thoughts on this?
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John Limbach

Billings, Montana, USA
Post Posted 2 Sep 2017 7:14 am     Reply with quote

Tom Dillon said: I found this iOS app very useful:
Octave ($4.99), by Alex Wiltschko

I got mine yesterday, came with a note from Apple that it's not supported by iOS 11 but I'm assuming that the developers will deal with that in an update.
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Gibson Hartwell

Missoula, Montana, USA
Post Posted 11 Sep 2017 5:51 am     Auria Pro Reply with quote

I have been mucking with Auria Pro for recording and mixing and have been really impressed with it. It has tons of functionality that you would only expect from desktop software.
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Mike Neer

Post Posted 12 Sep 2017 3:31 am     Reply with quote

I have an extensive library of drum loops that I use to record my demos, but there is always a groove that I just can't find or the feel is not right. So I use DrumPerfect to build little 2 - 4 bar loops and just export them through Dropbox to my computer, where my DAW resides.

I have quite a few drum machine and sequencing apps, iMaschine, EasyBeats, GarageBand and more, but I don't use them.

Two other apps that I like are kind of esoteric, but I dig Time Guru and Twelve Tone. Twelve Tone is a composition tool with a focus on tone rows. Time Guru is a pretty elaborate metronome. Ear Sharpener for iPhone is a pretty fun ear training tool/challenge.
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George Seymour

Notown, Vermont, USA
Post Posted 15 Sep 2017 9:30 pm     Reply with quote

Bruce Bjork wrote:
Anytune for iPad, Free version is awesome, Pro version is even better. Slow down, transcribe, loop sections. I use it every time I practiced.

Riffstation is another that works fine as a browser, free, works on any browser. Search for a song and it picks it up via YouTube and plays tune back with the chords and you can transcribe tunes.

+1 for sure!
Old Emmons D-10's
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