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Author Topic:  Peavey Nashville 112 reverb noisy
Molin Oleg

Saint Petersburg, Russia
Post Posted 6 Mar 2017 3:37 pm     Reply with quote

Good day
I have bought used Nashwill 112. It has noise when increase reverberation (master reverb).
In case take out reverb tank from the box and put on distance from the box (the cable from reverb tank is pretty long and allows to put it remotely) the noise decreases or even dissapear.
Do you think it is ok or is there any way to cope with noise?
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Molin Oleg

Saint Petersburg, Russia
Post Posted 18 Mar 2017 11:32 am     Reply with quote

Crying or Very sad
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Pat Moore

Virginia USA
Post Posted 18 Mar 2017 4:49 pm     Reverb noise Reply with quote

Hello Molin,
It could be as simple as dirty connections. Get some tuner cleaner from electronics shop, and spray all connections from the amp to the reverb unit. Also, spray the reverb knob volume potentiometer, as well as all of the knobs. There is a small hole in the silver body of them from the backside to spray it into. Then turn them back and forth from 1 to 10 and back several times. You will have to remove the amp from the cabinet to do this. Not difficult, only 4 screws, then slide it out.
They can get noisy from just dust in them, and lack of use. I can't promise that'll work, but it just might.
Also, while you have the cable out of the jacket, look and check to see that the cable is not frayed or pinched anywhere. This is also a possibility.
Best of luck, and peace.
Pat Very Happy
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Jack Hargraves

Missouri, USA
Post Posted 19 Mar 2017 11:37 am     Reply with quote

I also have a Nashville 112 and I have the same problem. Mine also has an annoying hum even with the reverb off, but when I turn the reverb back on it gets louder as I increase the reverb or the master volume. I though it could possibly be the my house wiring, but it does it in any venue.
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Larry Carlson

My Computer
Post Posted 19 Mar 2017 1:13 pm     Reply with quote

I have a Musicman 112RD that has these same symptoms.
I think I will hang around to see what some folks with more brains than I have to say.
At the moment I am defeating the problem using a Behringer FX2000 processor to get around and avoid the unwanted noise.
The amp works fine except for that annoying background hum when I turn up reverb or go high on the treble.
I have stuff.
I try to make music with it.
Sometimes it works.
Sometimes it doesn't.
But I keep on trying.
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Molin Oleg

Saint Petersburg, Russia
Post Posted 19 Mar 2017 2:25 pm     Reply with quote

Dear Pat, thank you for useful information. But i know for sure that the problem is not in knobs as they all are already cleaned. The noise is depend on the distance which reverb tank has from the cabinet. The more remote the less noise.
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Lane Gray

Topeka, KS
Post Posted 19 Mar 2017 7:48 pm     Reply with quote

Try standing the tank on its side against the back wall, or other ways of changing its orientation relative to the power transformer. You might want to go to an outboard reverb unit.
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Ken Fox

Nashville, GA USA
Post Posted 20 Mar 2017 4:20 am     Reply with quote

The tank must be in the cabinet with the connections facing the front of the amp.

From the rear of the cabinet and looking at the tank, the tank's output is on your right, away from the power transformer and the electrical cord connection to the amp.

You need to then verify that the cables were not actually wired wrong at the factory. The cable that goes to the tank output must be the one going to the reverb input. Easy to verify. Remove the cable from the output of the reverb tank (to the right, facing the back of the amp). Turn the reverb control up to around 3 or 4, touch the end of the RCA connector. That should produce a noise in the amp. If not then check the cable to the left. If it produces noise the tank wiring is backwards at the connector that goes into the bottom of the amp. That will cause the hum you have mentioned.

Below is a drawing of the Nashville 400 amp reverb. Same tank and orientation in the amp for your N112

Please click link below to checkout my website:
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