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Author Topic:  Recording Direct, the simplicity of it all...
Tony Prior

Charlotte NC..
Post Posted 4 Jan 2017 5:17 am     Reply with quote

So it's no secret I play Tele's as well as Steel. I gig 4 to 6 times a month , I record 6 song CD' s and sell them at our shows for $5 , I try to complete a new 6 track CD every few months , all country songs, all Instrumentals, predominantly Steel. Everyone wants to spend $5 ! As my friend Carl says, " I'm making Tens of Dollars " Laughing

Here is the latest track, everything recorded direct thru one of 2 external preamps to the DAW, Pro Tools 12. The process is simple, I use templates for the sessions and over the past year or so I have written multiple dynamics and EQ patches with the most important EQ patch being the one that eliminates low end mud and shuts everything off above 16K which is where internet streaming cuts off.

The Bass track EQ cuts everything off under 80 HZ on this one.

I keep the master fader in the -4 to -2 meter range when the final mix is being bounced.

Each track input level is just below saturation while tracking .

I use EQ on each track very sparingly , in many cases, no EQ patch at all. My tones are what they are ahead of the DAW, printed to the track. This song below has a RAW Tele track with no added EQ on the DAW track. ( short solo in the middle) I should add that one of the pre-amps I use is the DBX 376 which has a 4 band parametric on board.

I try not to reinvent the wheel with each session. I do try to play BETTER each session.

I record direct almost all of the time, well, of course, I use mics for vocals , Dobro and Mandolins should I use them.

Oh yeah, BIAB for programmed drums. It doesn't drool or need any food ! Now and then I will use some programmed Instruments as long as they fit.

By the way, I am required to play 2 Instrumentals at each gig which are Country Dance Hall gigs, so from that came the CD's.

All direct, this entire project is in the 4 hour window , A to Z. No mastering.

Lonely Street , an excellent classic ballad

For me, tracking is all about the process, using what worked previously and bringing it forward. Trying NOT to reinvent the wheel with each session but also adding a couple of new DAW tips with each session. I find it darn hard to wear a creativity hat when I get stuck in a DAW rut !
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Mike Selecky

BrookPark, Ohio
Post Posted 4 Jan 2017 8:11 am     Reply with quote

Tony - that was really nice - great playing all around - sounds like you have your recording process down to a science!
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Dale Rottacker

Tacoma Washington, USA
Post Posted 4 Jan 2017 9:38 am     Reply with quote

Tony, I always look forward to your insight and experience regarding recording, which by the way, was very nice...

I haven’t abandoned recording with a mic, yet, though considering the last time I did, you might conclude that I had...

I really like the convenience of recording direct, not having to worry about mic placement and what all else may be in different positions than the last time and how that may effect the sound... I love using templates in the DAW too, but still haven’t settled 100% on how that will look, as far as what plugin’s I may use regularly though I’m pretty close.

So I always find it interesting to see what you and a few others are doing and how you’re all approaching it.

Dale Rottacker, Steelinatune

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Godfrey Arthur

Post Posted 22 Jan 2017 5:47 am     Re: Recording Direct, the simplicity of it all... Reply with quote

Tony Prior wrote:
I find it darn hard to wear a creativity hat when I get stuck in a DAW rut !

Soulful track.

The hat you're talking about is producer-engineer-musician-arranger-roadie-critic-publicist.

From the Bronx via Manila
ShoBud The Pro 1
YES it's my REAL NAME!
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