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Author Topic:  6 string E6 tuning
Fred Rushing

Odin, IL, USA
Post Posted 4 Nov 2017 7:03 pm     Reply with quote

I have been looking and trying to find a 6 string tuning that fits my eye and most of all 35 years of muscle memory. I believe I have settled on one but don't know why it took so long to find it.

I have 35 years of E9 pedal steel muscle memory built into my brain and I don't want to confuse my feeble mind with a C or D or A tuning.

I am settling on the E6. 6 string tuned lo to high
EG#BC#EG# or 135613. Same interval as the C6. It seems a natural tuning for a life long E9 pedal guy like me.

Am I missing something? Don't think I hear anything about this 6 string tuning. Maybe it's the High G# being a little thin sounding.

Any instruction written for C6 would directly fall into the E tuning just a different key. The C# is my A pedal and my major and minor chord grips would translate to all the same positions that are burned into my feeble brain.

Seems like a natural move to me. What do others think?

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Scott Duckworth

Etowah, TN Western Foothills of the Smokies
Post Posted 5 Nov 2017 3:50 am     Reply with quote

I play an older E6 and E7 tuning.

E6 low to high
B, C#, E, G#, B, E

E7 low to high
B, D, E, G#, B, E

Works very well for playing melody lines, taking the lead, or just playing along.
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Doug Beaumier

Northampton, MA
Post Posted 5 Nov 2017 8:19 am     Reply with quote

Fred, it makes perfect sense. Same intervals as C6 lap steel, a higher pitch.

As a longtime pedal steel player you might like this E9 lap steel tuning:


Video & tablature here --->

It's the same as strings 4 through 9 of your E9 PSG tuning. It works well if you don't mind doing a forward slant on strings 1 and 3... an easy slant. And it's nice to have the low F# in there and the D on the bottom. I do miss the high voicing of the minor chord, but there is a tradeoff with every tuning. Cool
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Fred Rushing

Odin, IL, USA
Post Posted 5 Nov 2017 2:44 pm     E6 Reply with quote

Scott and Doug thanks so much for your input.

Doug I have done a little fooling around on the E9 and I thought that would be my tuning. After giving it a little more thought I believe the E6 with the 3rd on top looks the most useful for me to make a run at 6 string lap.

The 6th gives me a lot to work with ie the A pedal positions.

Will stay in touch and thanks.

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Jeff Mead

London, England
Post Posted 5 Nov 2017 3:23 pm     Reply with quote

That tuning worked pretty well for Don Helms over the years - he mostly only used the top 6 strings.
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