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Author Topic:  Long scale aluminum frypan: The Black Mamba
Hugh Crumley

North Carolina, USA
Post Posted 9 May 2017 10:23 am     Reply with quote

The Black Mamba is up for grabs. This 15 pound solid cast aluminum dustpan was created by Rick Aiello. I rarely play electric, so I am selling it to make room for another acoustic steel.

* Long (25.5”) scale
* Gold hardware
* Abalone fret markers
* Concentric potentiometers
* Integrated nut & bridge (it’s all one piece)
* 7/16" string spacing at the bridge, 3/8" at the nut
* Retrofitted hardshell case

And the amazing Dining Car pickup:
* Two coils, one under the strings & one over the strings
DPDT switch for three modes: single coil, humbucker & Kick A$$
* 38 AWG magnet wire
* Unique single point string sensing for optimal superposition
* Cylindrical Halbach Array of Neodymium-Iron-Boron magnets
* Creates a uniform dipole magnetic field in the fixed air gap

$2K firm, shipped & insured.

From Rick Aiello:
When the switch is in the middle position, only the bottom coil activated. This sounds the most like a horseshoe pickup (but better.) It has that classic Frypan "pop" at the attack. Throw the switch and you get both coils on in series, so it's like having a giant single coil with the strings running through it. This is my favorite: Kick Ass mode. Maximum constructive interference for the two coils. Big lush sound, nothing out there even in its league.

The other position puts both coils on "reverse wound." True hum-bucking because the coils share a common dipole magnetic field. There is some cancelation of frequencies, and the tone is a little lighter. The whole pickup is surrounded by an aluminum cage that acts basically a faraday cage, so the pickup, no matter what setting is very quiet in all modes. In real bad electrical environments, the hum bucking option is helpful. But you'll find yourself using the single coil or ass-kicking modes the most.

The pickup, like any "horseshoe" type is very bright. So to get that thick McIntire tone, keep the volume on full, roll the tone all the way off, then bring it up until you first hear "a change" in tone. Then stop. That's the sweet spot.
(More pics and info on Rick’s site:
Hugh Crumley
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Ralph Czitrom

Ringwood, New Jersey
Post Posted 10 May 2017 3:40 pm     Black Mamba Reply with quote

Hugh - Do you have any sound clips you might be able to share? Thanks.
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Hugh Crumley

North Carolina, USA
Post Posted 18 May 2017 7:31 am     Reply with quote

Hugh Crumley
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